Chairman’s Message
Chairman’s Message

I am extremely delighted over the new BMM website. It will serve as an important tool incommunication and in exchange of ideas not only within the organization but also with the greater world outside. I am sure this web site will result in closure relationship with all our stakeholders.

My vision is to make the company the best place for purchase of steel and power to socially conscious customers through quality and competitive pricing.

As an organisation, we are known for our transparency and honesty to our suppliers, customers, financial institutions, shareholders, employees and Government authorities in our operations.

Steel and power are the prerequisite of socio-economic development and consumption per person indicates the standard of living. India has traditionally been one of the major producers of steel in the world and the country is expected to emerge as a strong force in the global steel market in the coming years.

Quality and Delivery have been two major factors that have accounted for our success and popularity amongthe customers.

I take this opportunity to remind you all that we are continuously investing in upgradation of manufacturing facility and process integration to add more value & produce high quality products. Our success depends on the cordial relationship with the stakeholders. Our product quality and commitment for timely delivery have enabled us to build a long term relationship and rapport with our esteemed customers. We are dedicated to the critical task of strategic expansion in the steel and power.

Dinesh Kumar Singhi

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