Logo Story
Logo Story

The BMM Logo has evolved as a graphic image but has a story behind it. The Logo is actually a representation of the BMM Group core business which has been built over the years.

Every Logo has the following characteristics

  • The Font
  • The Colours
  • The Graphic Element
  • The Tag Line


BMM GROUP uses a Font named Bell Centennial. The Font has is an Open Font with the required serifs which makes it an interesting read. The compactness of the font design helps to place in more matter over a limited space.


The House Colours of BMM are


The BMM Blue is titled as French Blue. A calming colour and at the same time signifies the feeling of strength and steadfastness. Blue is referred to as a colour which brings in happiness and optimism. “The clear Blue skies bring in a great sense of cheer’ commented an artist. Blue is gender neutral and also represents “moderness’ as titled in the newest invention of electronics as the Blue ray disc. Blue satisfies the need for reassurance in a complex world, while adding a hint of mystery and excitement.” Blue is an universal and natural colour and the Blue of BMM represents the intrinsic strength of the Company both in terms of the human and products potential Blue also reveals the experience and knowledge that prevails in BMM and contrasts meaningfully with Red and White


A bold, dynamic and warm colour. Red is evoked by light predominantly of the longest wavelengths of light discernible by the human eye. Red traditionally symbolises Simplicity, Purity and Candour. Red represents passion and vitality which in a Corporate setting represents the relationship between the Employee and the Company. BMM is a bold organisation with a set of Core Belief and Values which translates into a long and rewarding relationship for all Stakeholders.


The BMM White is associated with peace and transparency. BMM STEELS prides itself in being a transparent Organisation. There is a relationship between the three colours – Blue, Red and White and the sense of balance achieved with this combination is a reflection of BMM steadfastness, clarity and sense of purpose in their approach to the business. The combination reflects the forward thinking stance of the BMM Group and the drive for constant growth and the need to continuously excel.


The Logo has the words BMM with a Graphic. The words BMM has been carved using the Bell Centennial font. The serif on B and M makes it look different.

The Graphic is actually a representation of the Bhor’s Atomic structure of elemental iron titled as “Fe”. At the core of the BMM business is Fe which finally takes shapes as various products as Sponge Iron, Pellets, Billets/Blooms, TMT andAlloy steels. The design is actually a drawing rendered by an Artist resembling the Bhor’s Atomic Structure. The Artist has used a Star like structure in the centre which gives a representation of the greatest star The Sun. The combination of Blue and Red gives a feeling of movement and hence the graphic has been placed on the last of the alphabet so as to project the growth of the Organisation with its Northern movement.



The by line Potential in Tonnes is a cryptic line which communicates the value proposition that defines the very fabric of BMM.

The BMM culture stems from the firm belief in unleashing this “potential in tonnes” for not only contributing to the growth of the Country and the Organisation but also for the consistent transfer of benefits to its Stakeholders.

The Tagline besides relating to the obvious natural potential also portrays the immense possibilities of growth intrinsic in the Company and its people. BMM has the potential to manufacture and deliver quality products which is reflected in the state-of –the–art manufacturing facilities it has. The human potential in BMM is reflected in the form of an ideal mix of the young and matured, where the energy, enthusiasm and drive of the young blend with the wisdom and experience of the matured. It is this human potential that keeps BMM attuned to scaling new heights and meeting customer expectations.

BMM strives towards implementing best practices in its business Operations and contribute to the Society and environment by being responsible corporate citizen.

The human potential at BMM is reflected in the depth of domain expertise across diverse sectors and dynamism of youth at various levels in the organization. Business operations lead by professionals with decades of market understanding and a dynamic team enables BMM to deliver superior product quality.


The acronym BMM stands for Build Memorable Moments. A belief statement emanating from the inner core of BMM. BMM believes that in every relationship with the Organisation the Stakeholder will experience a feeling of Building a Memorable Moment in this association. Be it a Customer, Automotive, Builder, Architect, Contractor, Channel Partners (comprising Wholesalers/ Dealers/ Sub Dealers/ Retailers/ Galaxy partners), Suppliers, Vendors, Bankers, Institutions, any other Business associate, or an Employee BMM will help Build a Memorable Moment for them.

The BMM Logo is a trade mark of steel business sector. The Letters have been made bold and thick to help project the Brand on all mediums of advertising.

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