Quality / Certificates
Quality / Certificates

Quality Control – A Quest for perfection

BMM uses high-tech computer aided testing facilities in all its laboratories to carry all necessary tests accurately , Size & Shape , Ovality , Grain Structure, Ultimate Strength, Elongation, Proof Stress, Bendability, Re-Bendability, Weldability.

Stages of Checking and quality Control at BMM :

  • Receipt and checking of raw materials

    The materials received from our Steel Melting Shops are tested for their chemical composition and surface defects. Only the accepted quality is forwarded to the re-heating furnace.

  • In-process quality checks

    During rolling, the temperature of the bar is recorded at the time of entry into the mill till the finishing stand, which ensures rolling at optimum and controlled temperatures.

    1. • Visual Inspection of Billets for surface defects.
    2. • Macro testing on sampling basis to check internal quality.
    3. • 100% Magna flux of rolled bars.
    4. • 100% Ultrasonic tests for Bars.
    5. • 100% Mix-up check (Spark & PMI) for grade identification.


Quality lies at the helm of all production facilities. This is ensured by implementation of latest technologies and industry best practices. The quality control department is equipped with the latest state of art computerised monitoring and testing systems. The engineering and QA division continuously strives towards betterment of product quality. The company is registered with the Bureau of Indian Standards and is an ISO 9001:20015 certified organization.

  • 1.) ISO 9001 : 2015

  • 2.) ISO 14001 : 2015

  • 3.) ISO 45001:2018

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