Captive power plant 2
Captive power plant 2

Electricity is the basic energy input in any manufacturing unit. With a visionary thinking, BMM ISPAT Limited has installed captive power plant of 140 MW (2 x 70MW) capacities to meet our captive requirement and export the surplus power to State / National grid.BMM have always implemented the best available technologies and practices that can serve as benchmarks for the power industry.

Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion Boilers

We have 2 units of 270 TPH CFBC Boiler are installed for power generation in 2×70 MW Turbo Generators. CFBC technology offers efficient use of low grade fuel. Thus two Byproduct /intermediate products from Sponge Iron Kilns like Dolochar and coal fines are gainfully utilized as fuel for these boilers bringing in synergy in plant operation. The technology is environment friendly. As combustion occurs at lower temperature (850-900 deg. Celsius) there is reduced production of major pollutants like Sulphur Oxides (SOx) and Nitrous Oxides (NOx). There is lower slagging problem with this low temperature combustion.

The Unit-1& 2 CFBC boiler & 70 MW Turbo Generator commissioned in December, 2012

Air Cooled Condenser

Another unique feature of the installation is the Air Cooled Condenser (also referred to as fin-and-tube condenser) instead of conventional shell-and-tube water cooled condensers. As the name suggests, the air cooled condenser uses ambient air to extract the sensible heat and latent heat of condensation released by the exhaust steam from the turbines. As no water is required for condensing exhaust steam the technology offers a major advantage for water scarce regions.

Water Treatment Plant

Water treatment systems UF, RO & DM are installed,to get desired Boiler Feed water quality from raw water.

Plant Distributed Control System

The complete plant instrumentation and control system is based on Distributed Control System (DCS) philosophy, covering the total functioning requirements of measuring, monitoring, alarming &controlling, logging, sequence interlocks and equipment protection etc. the plant operation is automated to the maximum extent possible.


220 KV switch yard with 2×90 MVA Generator Transformers are installed for evacuating the Generated Power and importing the power during start up condition.

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