Captive Power Plant 1
Captive Power Plant 1

Electricity is the basic energy input in any manufacturing unit. With a visionary thinking, BMM ISPAT Limited has installed captive power plant of 95 MW (1×25 + 1×70) capacities to meet our captive requirement and export the surplus power to State / National grid.

FBC boilers

We have two types of Coal Fired Boilers, , both are fluidized bed combustion (FBC) boilers, one is AFBC & another is CFBC boiler of the capacities, 95 TPH AFBC and 130 TPH CFBC Boiler are installed to augment power generation in 25 and 70 MW turbo generators. Both AFBC & CFBC technology offers efficient use of low grade fuel. Thus two Byproduct /intermediate products from Sponge Iron Kilns like Dolochar and coal fines are gainfully utilized as fuel for these boilers bringing in synergy in plant operation. The technology is environment friendly. As combustion occurs at lower temperature (850-900 deg. Celsius) there is reduced production of major pollutants like Sulphur Oxides (SOx) and Nitrous Oxides (NOx). There is lower slagging problem with this low temperature combustion.

The 95TPH AFBC boilers & 25 MW Turbo generator commissioned in the 2007
The 130TPH CFBC boilers & 70 MW Turbo generator commissioned in the 2011


In addition to FBC boilers, we have 6 no’s of WHRB, with this we are meeting Part of the electricity generation in CPP. WHRB’s are recovering heat energy from the waste gas from Sponge Iron Kilns and generates steam.

Details of WHRB boiler, Two number of 10TPH WHR-boilers connected to 2x100TPD Sponge Iron Kilns, similarly Four number of 60TPH WHR-boilers are connected to 4x500TPD Sponge Iron Kilns to recover the heat energy from waste SID kiln’s flue gas , which in turn, is used in turbines to generate power. This technology improves overall efficiency of the plant, utilizes waste gas, avoids pollution and improves carbon foot print.

The 2X10TPH WHRB boilers commissioned in the 2007,
The 2X60TPH WHRB boilers commissioned in the 2008 &
The 2X60TPH WHRB boilers commissioned in the 2010


Another unique feature of the installation is the Air Cooled Condenser (also referred to as fin-and-tube condenser) instead of conventional shell-and-tube water cooled condensers. As the name suggests, the air cooled condenser uses ambient air to extract the sensible heat and latent heat of condensation released by the exhaust steam from the turbines. As no water is required for condensing exhaust steam the technology offers a major advantage for water scarce regions like South India.

Water Treatment Plant

De-mineralized Water is required for all boilers, generates from two number water treatment plants of 8m3 & 22m3 capacity installed in CPP.

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