Benification Plant

Beneficiation plants capacity of 250 X 2 each, Both the Plants upgrade iron ore from +57.5% to +63.5 % Fe through various mineral processing stages. Received Iron ore from different source of mines will be passing through primary and secondary crushing units and dry screening to meet designed Beneficiation feed size of -10 mm which is fed and stored in to two day bins of 1000Mt each. Crushed iron ore will be drawn from day bin through weigh feeders as per plant requirement.

Crushed -10 mm Iron ore is conveyed to further process for Classification, wet screening, primary grinding, primary gravity separation through cyclones, gravity separation through spirals, magnetic separation, regrinding to meet require Pellet concentrate quality ,thickening and finally filtration through Pressure filters and horizontal belt filters.

Final Beneficiated concentrate is fed to Pelletization.

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