Value System/ Vision/ Mission
Value System/ Vision/ Mission

BMM believes in a set of coherent values to guide its behavior in all situations.


To be a manufacturing group in the Infrastructure segment and provide quality products by earning the respect and loyalty of Customers, Channel Partners, Employees and Suppliers


Being a professional team that leads by personal example to inspire and nurture talent within the Organization and disseminate BMM values.


Organization shall not attempt to achieve individual gain without contributing to the progress of the Nation.


We human beings are a small insignificant part of the Universe and yet we are powerful enough to damage the environment and to self-destruct. Protect the environment for the future well-being of our planet and occupants


Cultivate beneficial relations where all Stake holders of a business transaction gain in an atmosphere of free choice and mutual respect. Keep a sense of balance at work. When we have higher purpose that transcends all business Endeavour’s then it is much easier to resist temptations to let the end justify the means in business decisions.


Establish success on the bedrock of customer service. We should use all our abilities to engage in service which treats customers and community respectfully.


An attitude of openness is shared with the entire Stake holders at all times, which would allow a new way of looking at something which encourages flow of creativity.


Work is worship. Focusing on action with involvement and concentrating on the task in hand without fear or favour and striving to have right intention and right action.


Idea, resources, focus, clarity and sound business strategy are alone not sufficient. Bring together a great team which considers problems as disguised opportunities and work together with determination to achieve the goals.


Resources alone do not guarantee success. Resourcefulness of team members and their ability to deploy resources judiciously is the differentiating factor. What matters is not how well we perform when the going is good but how well we perform when the going gets tough.


Challenges are faced rather than feared to bring out the latent talent in our people


Change is merely a challenge to identify new way of doing things and a compulsion to get out of our comfort zone that demands our intelligence and our response to events for survival.

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