Electric Substations are the part of the power system and used for transferring power from generating points to load takes Electricity from a very high voltage and lowers it to the voltage we use in our homes & business.

Mainly Our MRSS (Main Receiving Sub-Station) used for receiving and distribution of power supply for various plants of ISP likes SMS, BARMILL and OXYGEN plants. Substations operate without any workers on-site.Substations are monitored by remote control. Because these are very dangerous activities and no workers are present, they have automated emergency gear.

MRSS consists of 3No Transformers & ratings are 63/80 MVA- 2 & 130/160 MVA receiving of 220KV Power supply from grid and step -down the voltage 33KV level by using these transformers.

To maintain the power-factor and control Reactive power of EAF, we installed SVC (Static voltage control) in MRSS.

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