In addition to FBC boilers, we have 6 no’s of WHRB, with this we are meeting Part of the electricity generation in CPP. WHRB’s are recovering heat energy from the waste gas from Sponge Iron Kilns and generates steam. Details of WHRB boiler, Two number of 10TPH WHR-boilers connected to 2x100TPD Sponge Iron Kilns, similarly Four number of 60TPH WHR-boilers are connected to 4x500TPD Sponge Iron Kilns to recover the heat energy from waste SID kiln’s flue gas , which in turn, is used in turbines to generate power. This technology improves overall efficiency of the plant, utilizes waste gas, avoids pollution and improves carbon foot print.

The 2X10TPH WHRB boilers commissioned in the 2007,

The 2X60TPH WHRB boilers commissioned in the 2008 &

The 2X60TPH WHRB boilers commissioned in the 2010

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