Blast furnace
Blast furnace

The capacity

This project intends to build one blast furnace with an effective volume of 600 m3, and capable of producing 745.50kt/a of hot metal for steelmaking process.

Main Process Units

  • • Stockhouse system (Stockhouse)
  • • Charging system
  • • BF Top charging system (BF Top)
  • • BF proper system (BF Proper)
  • • Casthouse system (Casthouse), including desusting system
  • • Slag granulation system (SGP)
  • • Hot stove system (Hot stove), including waste heat recovery
  • • Crude gas dedusting, gas cleaning (GCP) and BF Top gas recovery Turbine (TRT)
  • • Pulverized coal injection system (PCI)
  • • Motor driven blowing system (Blower station)
  • • Pig casting machine, etc.

Production Capacity

Inner Volume of BF 600 m3
Hot Metal output 735.0kt/a Max. 745.50kt/a
Slag Output 35.08x104t/a (Moisture 15%)
BF gas output 1.42×109 Nm3/a

Hot Metal composition







4~4.5% 0.4~0.6% 0.14~0.15% <0.07% 0.035% > 94.46%

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