Steel melt shop
Steel melt shop

BMMIL an integrated steel plant of 1MT capacity have the following facilities in steel melt shop.

A. Electric arc furnace 100/110 Ton supplied by M/s Siemens VAI(Primemetal) with 100 MVA Transformer along with Primary & secondary Fume extraction system with suction capacity of 12,00,000 NM3/Hr, Oxygen blowing system (Refining cum burners) – 5 Nos , Each having 3.5 MW Power capacity and Shrouded by LPG/Propane with Level2 Automation.Flexibility of charge mix of 100% home generated scrap / DRI melting or 85% Hotmetal blowing. Feasibility of processing 24 Heats a day with scrap & DRI & 30 Heats a day with 85% Hotmetal.

B. For Secondary refining & Degassing, ladle refining furnace of 110 Ton capacity with 20 MVA transformer and auto regulation system of level 2 Automation & vacuum degassing system with 350 Kg/Hour suction capacity@ 0.67mbar , with lowest vacuum pressure of 0.5 mbar is available Supplied by M/s Siemens VAI (Primemetals) which facilitates to produce alloy steel and structural as well.

C. Technology- SMS Concast-Zurich
5 Strands with provision of 6th strand Continuous casting machine of 9M/13.5M/25M Multi radius convex caster having 1000mm convex mould , AMLC and EMS system with 50 Minutes casting duration and automation level2 is equipped to cast open & closed casting as well.

BMMIL is having versatile flexibility of making quality steel along with structural steel like

  • Low Alloy steel
  • CHQ
  • Spring steel
  • Semi free cutting/Free cutting steel
  • Carbon steel
  • Resulphurised Grades
  • Ball bearing/File steels Etc.,

Quality Control:
Equipped with sophisticated facilities for checking of all input raw materials, steel, rolled products, macro, micro with gas analysis.

Equipment available:

  • Optical emission spectrometer
  • XRF
  • C/S Lico
  • O/N/H Gas analyser
  • Optical microscope with image analyser
  • Universal testing machine
  • Hardness testing machine
  • Jominy testing machine
  • Lab MPI
  • Impact testing machine with sub zero attachment etc.,

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